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Coz It’s Karva Chauth! 

It’s Karva Chauth tomorrow, yes the day when hindu women fast from sunrise to moonrise, praying for their husbands good health and long life. Karva Chauth is said to be very auspicious and holy. It brings the family together and strengthens the bond of love.

Now coming to my blog, this is for all the Men whose wives/fiancee/girlfriends are fasting. Well, your woman is taking a lot of effort to show her love for you, trust me fasting isn’t easy! No food no water it’s like a little nightmare. But they do it for you guys, because they love you. So in return I feel it’s your duty to make them feel special and loved too. Here I have a few ways through which you can show her that you care.

Well,  let’s start with flowers! Gift her roses,  a rose is a girls best friend and it resembles love too. Small things like these mean more than any jewellery. As I was saying, give her a rose after every hour, it’s cute and I promise she will love it.

The next thing, call her parents over and surprise her. She will definitely like to spend some time with them and also she’ll get a confidence boost from her momma.

Now this one is  post karva chauth gift. Plan a sweet little candle light dinner for her in your room. Not some hotel, No! your room. And if you can cook something for her then that’ll be like a cherry on top. (PS: if you are a bad cook then dude, just order something. We don’t want to feed her burnt food now do we?)

The last one is a little difficult, but boy it’s the best, some of you might find it very dramatic but hey, can’t you do it for your lady? Fast for her, yes you read it right, Fast for her.  She is fasting for you, so you fast for her. This is the most romantic and priceless gift you can give her.

Hope this comes in useful for you guys out there.

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Note Of Appreciation

Hey guys, 

I want to thank you all for all the love and support you have shown towards me and my blog. It wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. All your likes, comments and suggestions have done nothing but boosted my confidence and help me write better each time.

The number  isn’t big but like the saying goes, ‘The size of the audience doesn’t matter, keep up the good work’. I’m trying to follow this,  and provide you guys with whatever best I can provide you with. 

It’s been a great experience writing for you guys, and will continue to feed you with good content in the future too

Once again Thank you all so much❤

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Mehendi Ceremony

Today’s post is about the very fun filled mehendi ceremony. As a young girl,  I never had a liking towards henna, trust me the smell would make me sick! But as I grew up it kind of started fascinating me. And now I can’t resist, but apply mehendi on the palms of my hands. The art of applying the henna is just beautiful. 

The mehendi ceremony is a very important pre-wedding function celebrated a few days before the big day. The function is generally hosted by the brides family at their house or a banquet hall. The bride and the groom both have to be a part of the celebration. The mehendi is applied to the brides hands and feet, the designs are very intricate and beautiful. Also it is a tradition to write the grooms initials or the name in the mehendi design  on the hands of the bride, and the groom has to find it. In some communities the groom has to also apply mehendi on his hands. It is said to be a good omen. 

The mehendi ceremony  is a very vibrant and fun filled celebration. It has a festival feel, everyone dancing, singing and  celebrating the couple.

The mehendi is sent for the bride from the grooms side along with other gifts like sweets fruits and clothes. Only the ‘Shagun wali Mehendi’ is applied to the bride by the ladies of the family or professional artists. The other ladies apply the normal mehendi which is either  made at home or bought from the store. 

The mehendi is a paste made out of henna leaves. The leaves are sun dried,  ground and seived into a dark green powder.  The powder along with water, lemon juice and eucalyptus oil is mixed until a smooth paste. This paste is then kept overnight and sent to the bride the next morning that is the mehendi day.

It is believed that the darker the colour the luckier is the bride. The dark colour of the henna signifies that the bride will receive lots of love and care from her in-laws. Also it is believed that the longer the mehendi stays the, the happier the couple will be. 

Below are some mehendi designs that my sister had put for me.

Rights of the image reserved with Suchi Fadte

Rights to the image reserved with Suchi Fadte 

Hope you had a great time reading this one! 

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Jazz Up The White.

White is a color that is associated with calmness and perfection. It’s the most beautiful and serene color out there. It’s a color without hue. What do you think will happen, when you add a little hint of  flamboyance to the Oh so serene white?  Well, the result is just stunning! The addition of a little pop of color, takes the look to the next level!  As white is  neutral, colors like red, orange, yellow, green will jazz up the entire set-up.  The bright colors will freshen up your wedding decor.


Here are some ideas for you to try.

  1. A complete white table setting with a bright and colorful floral centerpiece, also you can use tinted cutlery to amp up the look.
  2. White chairs with bright tiebacks, this is one way through which you can add to the decor.
  3. Also you can go for a completely white stage, with fairy lights and red, Pink or yellow roses with some greens. 

This was all for the post,  hope you liked it.

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    The Grand Musical Entry.

    I was just listening to this song called ‘Afreen Afreen’ and it struck me, why not write a post on it! So here I am writing about the songs you could play on your wedding day for your grand entry. Well,  I would suggest you to choose your own song and give it to the DJ,  instead of letting him/her do it by themselves, because firstly, it’s your big day why not choose the song that you want and secondly can we really trust them with something so big and special?  After all the moment won’t come back,  it just happens once.  Unless you marry again 😅

    So here are some songs that I LOVE, and I feel that they are just perfect to make your special day even the more perfect.

    The first song is….. Any guesses? 

    It’s  ‘Din Shagna Da’, by jasleen Royal. It is also a part of the movie ‘Phillauri’.

    The second is ‘Aaj Ibaadat’ from the movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’

    The third one is ‘Kaise Mujhe’ sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Benny Dayal, and it’s from the movie‘Ghajini’.

    Fourth on the list is ‘Kabira-Encore’ from the amazing movie ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ sung by Harshdeep and Arijit Singh.

    The fifth song is my all time favourite ‘Raabta’ from the movie‘Agent Vinod’ and sung by the youth sensation  Arijit Singh. 

    The sixth one is a little old,  but hey old is gold ain’t it? Number six is ‘Mangalyam’ from the movie ‘Saathiya’.

     The seventh is my personal favourite from the movie‘Ram-Leela’ sung by Arijit Singh,  it is none other than‘Lal Ishq’.

    I’m a very big fan of Coke studio and there’s no chance of me leaving out the Coke Studio songs. 

    The eight song is‘Mera Ishq’ sung by the beautiful and Pakistani sensation Quratulain Balouch.

    The ninth one on the list is‘Afreen Afreen’ sung by soulful  singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and the beautiful Momina Mustehsan.

    And the last one that is the tenth song is ‘Channa’  sung by the Heartthrob, one and only, ‘Atif Aslam’.

    These were the few songs I love and listen to,  and to be honest I want to play them all for my wedding. 

    Hope you had a great time reading this. 

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    The Bridal Emergency Kit!

    A few days back I asked a very simple question on instagram to all my followers, the question was ‘What Is that one thing that you will take to your wedding no matter what? ‘ and to be honest I got a lot of people(mostly girls)  saying,  safety pins, eyeliner, lipstick, dog etc… And one answer was just outstanding, the answer was ‘husband’ I mean he’s the most important so yes we can’t forget to make sure he is there.

    In this post I’m going to tell you of the 10 THINGS that you CAN’T  forget to take with you at the venue. Every bride needs to carry The Emergency Kit!

    So let’s begin,

    1. SAFETY PINS – for the loose outfit,  for the slipping duppatta/veil, for the little torn piece.

    2. HAIR BANDS & HAIR CLIPS – there’s never enough of these things, we girls always tend to lose these important things.

    3. BAND AID – it’s always better to carry a few band aids, you never know when you might need them.

    4. PAIN KILLERS – well, we all know hectic the wedding can get,  so to get a relief from all the head ache and body pain it’s always good to keep these handy.

    5. TISSUE PAPER – now these are very important, everyone needs them,  tissue papers are a must! Make sure you carry these. (wet wipes and dry tissues both)

    6. HAIR COMB/ HAIR BRUSH – now you’ll  say why we have to carry a hair brush when the hair stylist we’ll be having one,  but why not? It’s always good to keep a comb in the bag.

    7. HAND SANITIZER – who would love to go wash their hands after getting all dolled up? So for convenience purpose better carry a tiny pack of sanitizer.

    8. A PAIR OF EXTRA SHOES – for all those who are wondering why shoes, well the answer is that there are possibilities that the ones you wear might get damaged.

    9. AN EXTRA OUTFIT – it’s always good to carry another set of outfit because you never know when you’ll need it,  it’s a busy environment anything can fall over your clothes,  and a bride wearing those dirty clothes won’t look good.

    Last but not the least

    10. FOOD –  yes food,  we don’t want the bride to get all cranky and moody because of hunger, Also the hectic day can get you worked up so it’s always best to keep some chocolates to calm and relax you. You don’t want to get HANGRY on your big day do you?

    These  were my suggestion for THE BRIDAL EMERGENCY KIT,  you can add some things more there’s no harm in doing so.

    Hope you  liked this post and  find it useful.

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    Haldi Ceremony

    Turmeric, also known as haldi in Hindi is one spice that Indians can’t live without. Like seriously, so many things wouldn’t be possible without this multi-purpose ingredient. It is used for everything, for cooking, medicinal purposes, beauty treatments and not to forget, auspicious rituals. Well, today I’ll be telling you guys the importance and significance  of turmeric at the Indian weddings.

    For all those who don’t know, in India all Hindu weddings have a ceremony called as the ‘Haldi Ceremony’. It is a pre-wedding ritual, normally  observed one or two days before the wedding day. Why and how the ceremony got the name? Well, it’s because of the use of  haldi(turmeric), lots and lots of it! It is believed that, the haldi ceremony is a very auspicious and important wedding ritual, both for the bride as well as the groom. In this ceremony, the family members apply haldi paste over the hands, legs and face of the bride and the groom. The paste is considered holy and is a very good exfoliating mask. The haldi paste is a mixture of turmeric, sandalwood powder and camphor, some may even add a little rose water for some flowery fragrance.

    Now, let us see why this ceremony is so very important.

    1. It is believed that haldi wards off the evil eye. The application of the haldi is said to protect the bride and the groom from any bad omen that might harm them before their big day. it is for this reason that the bride and the groom aren’t allowed to step out of the house after the completion of  this ritual. It is only on the wedding day that the couple can leave the safe parameters of their homes.
    2. According to the ancient Hindu texts, haldi (turmeric) is said to have very strong purification powers. It is believed, that the the application of the haldi  cleanses and  purifies the body and soul of the bride and groom and washes them off of all the sins and impurities so that the couple can begin their new journey with pure heart and mind.
    3. The yellow color of haldi, is said to be very holy and auspicious. It signifies purity, fertility and glowing health.

    Also not to forget, the haldi paste is a very good exfoliating mask. It has amazing antiseptic properties that cleanses the skin and avoids acne and pimples. Also, it helps in the removal of the dead skin and exposes the rejuvenated skin. The subtle yellow tint gives your face a  delicate and elegant glow.

    This is it for today, hope you had a great time reading this. Also if you want me to write on a particular topic do mention it in the comment section below. And yeah, some feedback would be great!

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    Go Pastel!

    Well, like the name suggests this post is about pastel colors. Why? well, the answer is that, last night I came across a few pictures and got really inspired by them. Pretty sarees and lehengas in these very beautiful and soft colors. So here I am writing a post on it. Pastel colors are usually described as “soothing”, “soft”, “near neutral”, “milky”, “washed out” or “desaturated”. Pastel colors are in trend this season, and why not? they look gorgeous! A simple floral lehenga or saree in pastel will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Also being light toned colors, it will make your skin tone look lighter. You can go pastel for functions like mehendi, sangeet, haldi and even for that matter the BIG day, the wedding day. Why not  try something new, eh? Go Pastel!

    hope you had a good time reading this, it’s short and sweeet. I have some beautiful pictures for you below.

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    XOXOX – Suchi Fadte

    Shruti Hasan in ivory lehenga with scalloped handmade zardozi and floral pastel lily print dupatta by Anushree Reddy

    A Pistachio and Baby Pink lehenga

    Beautiful Pale Blue and Blush Pink Lehenhga

    A warm and ethereal array of pastel hues in mint green blush pink and coral

    A simple and elegant ensemble in pale coral and pale mint green




    Blue Heaven

    So, Today’s post is going to be Blue! We are going to go to the Blue Heaven. Well,  firstly hope you guys liked the previous post.  Now coming back to the blue heaven, you guys must have noticed of how yellow is heavily used for the haldi ceremony. Be it the decor, the ambience, the giveaways and for that matter the bride too!

    Well,  I feel it’s time that we break through this ball of yellow and try out some other colour options. I strongly feel blue is one of the great options and it will look damn beautiful.

    Blue is a very cool and soothing colour, and using such colours for a ceremony like haldi is just too damn good! Haldi is a soft function I feel, as haldi ke din zyada shor sharaba nahi hota.

    Also instead of simply going for the normal blue,  you can choose from the different shades, or you can put two to three of the shades together and get a fantastic set up done.

    Now for all those who still want their yellow to be present,  what you can do is have a beautiful blue set up of blue with a little touch of yellow to it,  trust me the outcome will be mind-blowing! For example with a nice blue table setting your centrepieces can be yellow, if the drapes are blue then you can simply pair it up with some yellow flowers and voila you have your haldi set up.

    PC: Arabia Weddings

    That’s all about the blue heaven, hopefully you like the post😊

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